Did the LAPD buy your City Council member?

Now is The Time To Stop Council From Receiving Donations and Endorsements From The Police Union


We are calling on our community to urge our city council members to redirect the money accepted from the LAPD towards bail out funds, mutual aid, and organizations that benefit the black community in this pivotal time of tragedy and change. Yesterday, LA’s City Council passed the Mayor’s budget plan to increase funds for the LAPD, ignoring the needs of its citizens amidst profound protests against police brutality. Demand that our representatives take a stand with us and George Floyd’s legacy against systemic racism.


Please follow these simple steps and it should only take two minutes to make your voice heard from the city council to stop the corruption and conflict of interest of having council dominated by the police department’s interest.


  1. Look up your City Council District using this LA Neighborhood Info tool from the City of LA. City Council is listed as the fourth on the list under “Elected Officials” for the first list. Alternatively, if that tool goes down, you can use this City of Los Angeles map, or detailed map
  2. Use the following links to automatically generate an email to your council member with the script pre-filled. This will only take you two minutes.


Download Your Copy of Voters Guide Here