We started…

We started as a group that wanted to start to think about politics and activism on a global scale, integrating new levels of complexity and knowledge exploration. We started as a reading group. We then started expanding out hosting protests, municipal city politics educational forums for voters, we made a voters guide, we wrote a zine for activists. Our events and/or organisation have been covered by NPR, VIce, The Washington Post, and others. We hope you will join us to improve and build upon our community.

Next Steps…

Do you want to be alerted of any upcoming events? Want to be in the loop on our latest discussions conclusions? Or want to join our project-focused writing and research group? Come build the future with us.



Meet The Contributors


Matthew Donovan

Founder & Executive Director

Matthew conducts most of the day to day activities in Los Angeles alongside a very supportive group of people in our reading and writing groups.


Jaden Adams, Ph.D.

Futures Director

Jason assists the direction and conception of the group while being a key figure in the founding of the group alongside Manuela Koelke. He is also a co-founder for The New Centre For Research & Practice and has authored several publications.


Olive Kimoto

Culture Director

Olive is a curator at Restless Nites, a graphic designer, and conceptual artist centered in the aesthetic of futurism, feminism, and identity.


Paige Emery

Art Director

Artist and educator.   Emery has used her art to contribute towards social change for social justice organizations such as SPLC, RAICES, KIND, NILC, and the ACLU, painted a mural for the Bernie Sanders LA Headquarters.  Emery was a core member of Honey Power.


Download Your Copy of Voters Guide Here