The Future Left is a collective in the intersection of politics, art, and theory, seeking to foster radical change in contemporary culture.

What does the groups name mean? Since we live in end times. Maybe, it’s the future that is left? If not, it could be connecting the tendency of the political left toward creating new potentials for the future. Maybe it’s the Future of Left? We would like to know what you think it should mean.

We facilitate education and promote collaboration among like-minded activists, thinkers, and artists. Our working and research group challenge texts, create new works, tackling abolition, climate justice, emerging social and political horizons, and over our focus is philosophical rooted in speculative and systemic change.

Police Contributions to Representatives Calculator

PCRC will list all elected officials that have received money from police organizations and PACs…

Who do you protect?

Produced in support of the global BLM movement. The short documentary is a film production of The Future Left, created in partnership with People’s City Council LA

Live Conversations

The Future Left have an online podcast where we platform people who are talking about challenging and relatively undiscovered ideas and pair them with other interesting thinkers, artists, activists, comedians, etc. in a roundtable discussion.