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The Future Left is a collective in the intersection of politics, art, and theory, seeking to foster radical change in contemporary culture.

Upcoming Readings
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Our working and research group read texts, create works, tackling abolition, climate justice, and with a focus philosophical rooted in futures and systemic change.
The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber, Wengrow, and Williams
After Geoengineering by Holly Jean Buck
Automating Inequality by Virginia Eubanks
Carceral Capitalism by Jackie Wang
Savage Ecology by Jairus Grove
Revenge of the Real by Benjamin Bratton
Our Mission
We facilitate education and promote collaboration among like-minded activists.
Who do you protect?
Produced in support of the global BLM movement. The short documentary is a film production of The Future Left, created in partnership with People's City Council LA.
Reading Group: Xenofeminsm by Helen Hester

Reading group hosted by Matthew Donovan

Reading Group: Capitalist Realism by Mark Fischer

Reading group hosted by Paige Emery

Reading Group: Platform Capitalism by Nick Srnicek

Reading group hosted by Brandon Joyce