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A slide that reads 'The Future Left presents 'Who do you protect'' Blurred image of the top of a police car filled with color from the lights. It reads 'About the film. On April 22nd, Daniel Hernandez was killed by LAPD officer Toni McBride from the infamous Newton Community Police Division. Despite clear evidence of police brutality, this officer has not faced any charges due to their family connections within the Los Angeles police union. The LAPPL has purchased the political allegiance of the District Attorney and City Council through millions of dollars of donations, permitting LAPD’s systemic abuse of power to continue indefinitely. Now city leaders and activists are calling for elected officials to refuse and return LAPPL money and divest from the police' A black and white photo with a person in the center. They are turned away in a denim jacket with 'Justice 4 Daniel' letter patches on the back and an image of Daniel Hernandez lined with flowers buttoning it on along the edges. On the left it reads 'The Future Left presents 'Who do you protect'' and on the right it reads 'Exposing the political machine of the corrupt LA Police Union through the Daniel Hernandez story. In support of the BLM movement, the victims of police brutality, and the communities demanding justice, we ask: 
      WHO DO YOU PROTECT?' A slide titled 'About the Future Left' with a logo to the left that states 'The Future Left is made up of ideologically diverse volunteers with the shared goal of advocating for progressive change. What initially started as a Futurist reading group gradually developed into an activist organization through our work on voter guides and became a force for political and social equity in Los Angeles. Our organization has grown in size at an exponential rate in the last year alone, due in no small part to a period of rapid cultural and economic change. ' A laptop that shows the image of the person with the 'Justice 4 Daniel' jacket on a laptop screen that says 'Watch Film Now'
Protestors with masks with their hands in the air with a 'Download Press Kit' option Protestors with masks with their hands in the air with a 'Donate to Documentary' option